A colourful Easter table!

Finally spring – and Hanna’s smile is brighter than the sun! Those cold, grey days really seemed endless. Now it is time for colourful ideas!

Whether bunnies, chicks or snails – Hanna loves small animals for Easter decorations. Particularly the bunnies on the new placemat. It was a present from her grandma. To turn the placemat into a cheerful and colourful item for the upcoming Easter brunch, Hanna wants to add some colour. She just adores glitter colours and loves mara Glitter Magic.

The special effect paint is suitable for paper, wood, metal or glass as well as textiles. In this case, Hanna is painting on pink felt. She already knows how to draw outlines. It is really quite easy. A dot here, a line there – and the glitter bunnies are finished. Great, right?

P.S. Do you think her grandma liked it? She was absolutely thrilled what Hanna had made for the Easer table decorations. 😉


  • Simply trace the outlines of the designs directly from the Liner tube. Make sure to press the tip into the textile.
  • Leave to dry. The paint is dry when the glitter effect appears.
  • Fix the paint on textiles by either placing in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 150 °C or by ironing for 3 minutes through a thin cotton cloth on cotton setting.