Turning pebbles into cute animals

Being creative is the greatest thing for Nellie. Painting and crafts are among her favourite activities, whether at home or at nursery school.

Her mum has discovered a new craft idea which they test together at their next craft afternoon. First they take a walk in the park and look for large pebbles. These can be painted to great effect.

Back home, they get started straight away. Nellie has decided to turn the pebbles into cute animals. That is magic! Nellie’s magic powers require a lot of craft paint. But is has to adhere well to the pebbles and be vivid. mara craft paint is just the right thing here. It is simply applied to the pebbles with a brush.

Nellie magically turns her first pebble into a ladybird. She requires red, white and black for that. Another line, another dot and the ladybird is finished. Then she decides to make a bee so the ladybird is not lonely. She paints it in black and yellow. Great, right?

Nellie is really proud of her new works of art. She places the cute duo on her window ledge straight away.


  • Prime the pebbles with white craft paint if necessary. When the primer has dried, paint the pebbles with other colours and patterns. The sky’s the limit for your imagination.
  • After the paint has dried, the artwork can be sealed with Marabu aqua Matt Varnish. This makes the colours weather-resistant and light-resistant so they can even join the real bugs in the garden.
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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • paper/cardboard for covering
    • large pebbles
    • Marabu aqua Matt Varnish