Craft ideas from kids for kids!

Whether with friends or family – colour loving kids will find plenty of ideas for successful craft projects here! Little artists tested the creative products from mara by Marabu and show you their own works of art. To see them and create your own, simply click on the red circle with the arrow. Psst, Mara is already involved, too! Have you found her yet?

A colourful Easter table!

It is springtime and Easter! Time for Easter crafts! Have a look here if – like Hanna – you want to embellish your plain table decorations with a few glitter effects in to time at all. All guests at the Easter brunch will love these great decorations – guaranteed!

Colourful writing for Nick

Whether "Happy Birthday", "Kids Only" or "No Entry" – these 3D letterings from mara by Marabu set the mood. Simply paint with child-friendly craft paint and your individual lettering for any child s room is finished. The 3D lettering is made from FSC-certified wood and is approximately 9 cm high.

A magical fairy house

Optik_Muster_Mara 21
Just push together, paint and the pretty fairy house for little fairytale fans is finished! This 3D puzzle made from FSC-certified wood is assembled without glue or scissors and can be designed as the child likes.

Sparkling biplane for dad

Do you love model making? Especially aeroplanes and helicopters? Then don't miss the flying models from mara by Marabu. Each 3D puzzle can be put together in just a few steps – completely without glue! Whether bi-plane, hydroplane or helicopter – these aircraft inspire creative designing and collecting.

Cool shoes for cool kids

Optik_Muster_mara_591_591-7 (3)
Embellish children's clothes? Add a name? No problem with mara textile pens. The water-based colours adhere to light coloured fabrics after fixing in the oven for 8 minutes at 150 °C.

Hanna’s new glitter bag

Hannah and her mum are making a lovely bag. All they need is mara Glitter Magic to add a little extra glamour. Simply paint on the bag directly from the liner and the water-based paint provides the required glitter effect.

Niklas makes a windwheel

Optik_Muster_mara_591_591-7 (6)
A cute windwheel for the little sister! As her big brother, Niklas wants to give his sister something special for her birthday. Handmade, of course! As he likes being creative and has experience with tools like the mara craft scissors, making the windwheel is easy for him.

A colourful marble run

Optik_Muster_mara_591_591-7 (1)
Who can build the best marble run? Hanna! She designed a new game together with her dad. This marble run made from empty toilet paper rolls is great for lots of new challenges. The marble run is really easy to make. The only difficult thing will be to get the targets right. That takes patience and a sense of direction and speed. Now who will be good at that?

Turning pebbles into cute animals

Optik_Muster_mara_591_591-7 (5)
Buzz, buzz – here comes the bee! Nellie paints her pebble collection with the child-friendly mara craft paints. Now she has several cute animals, like the ladybird, to share her room.

A colourful rainbow

Optik_Muster_Mara 26
Promote you child's creativity through playing – with mara finger paint! Thumb prints and finger paints are perfect for promoting age-appropriate development with regard to colour perception. The vivid finger paints are ideal for children from the age of 3 and they ensure great painting fun!

Colourful flowers for mum

Even very young children can become great artists with finger paints from mara by Marabu! The vivid colours can be mixed together and can be applied to many materials such as paper, cardboard, glass, wood or film by little fingers or hands without worries.

A paper aeroplane as in invitation

Optik_Muster_mara_591_591-7 (7)
Looking for an original invitation? Noah will show you how. Transfer his paper aeroplane onto white cardboard. Cut out the design with the child-friendly mara craft scissors and embellish with mara stamping pens. And your flying invitation for a kids' birthday party is ready!

The flying invitation

Optik_Muster_mara_591_591-7 (4)
It's Hanna's birthday! There is even going be a party. And to do it properly, she wants to send all her guests an invitation. With a handmade invitation card, of course, so the guests will know where and when the party will be. And Hanna had a lovely idea…

Colourful crafts with the family

The craft set for young and old aeroplane fans! This helicopter is a 3D puzzle and suitable as a toy for children from the age of 3. The 32 wooden parts clip together to build an approximately 13 cm long aeroplane. Simply put together, paint with child-friendly craft paint and you are done!

Hanna and dad are making a hydroplane

Create a hydroplane from this 3D puzzle in no time at all – all without glue or scissors! This toy for children from the age of 3 can simply be pushed together. Then use mara craft paint to apply a few touches of paint and your pretty little plane for the kids' room is finished.

Best friends forever

Optik_Muster_Mara 24
How about a fun craft afternoon? Nick and Hanna can show you how. They were creative and painted cute wooden toys with mara craft paint. Simply use a brush or sponge to apply the easy-to-spread paint to a wooden or cardboard toy – finished!

A nippy little glitter car for dad

The water-based Glitter Magic from mara by Marabu gives accessories a lovely glitter effect. Hanna will show you how. With her mum's help, she painted this nippy little car on a pencil case as a gift for her dad!

Sparkling key rings

Optik_Muster_Mara 5
Hanna painted these cute key rings made from FSC-certified wood for her friends. They are very easy to paint with craft paint and Glitter Magic. That promotes creativity, concentration and dexterity in little artists from the age of 3.

Birdsong in Hanna’s room

Optik_Muster_Mara 29
Your child needs a new decorating idea for their room? Then do not miss out on the window paint from mara by Marabu! The transparent window paint is suitable for children from the age of 3 so they can create cute window clings. They adhere to smooth surfaces such as mirrors, windows, glass or film.

Bring the mountains into your home

Optik_Muster_Mara 10
Nick loves to go walking in the mountains with his family. He especially enjoys being out in the fresh air. So it is not a surprise that he wants to record his impressions once he is back home- And with brushes, craft paint and a canvas frame he can get started straight away. Here you can see how well his mountain range, the valley and the pastures turned out.

An adorable window cling

Optik_Muster_Mara 30
Hanna loves crafts – but together with the little "Mara" cartoon character, painting and crafts are twice the fun! Good thing that there is a Mara template for creating a colourful window cling with Mara Window Color. The finished window cling can be applied to windows, mirrors or tiles. A great accessory for your child s room, isn't it?

A pretty tree house for Hanna

Optik_Muster_Mara 22
An enchanting tree house for Hanna with added glitter. When little kids' hands turn into great craft and puzzle fans. Read more here…