Cool shoes for cool kids

Noah loves colourful clothes. He likes them vibrant, preferably with fun designs.

He is really excited that he can now apply colourful styling to his shoes as well. Good that mum just bought the new textile markers from mara by Marabu. Dots, hearts, monsters, animals, names – Noah paints whatever he likes onto his shoes. These have to be made of light-coloured fabric, though. Otherwise the five available colours cannot be seen clearly on the shoes.

His shoe designs are so funny that even his older friends think they are cool. But the best thing is that no one will ever mistakenly wear his shoes during PE again. Noah’s mum likes that, because it can be quite a nuisance when your child comes home with the wrong size shoes… 😉


  1. Stuff light-coloured shoes with newspaper. This ensures that the material will not sag during painting, providing a level surface.
  2. Simply use the mara textile markers to apply your designs to the shoes and then leave to dry thoroughly.
  3. Then fix the colour by. Then fix the colour by placing the shoes in the oven for 8 minutes at 150 °C. This ensures that the paint will not come off during a walk in the rain.

Tip: The mara textile markers are also ideal for writing on jackets, T-shirts and sports bags. They are even washable up to 60 °C

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Products used:

mara Products

Additional Materials

  • Papier/ Karton zum Abdecken
  • Schuhe aus hellem Stoff