The flying invitation

Little guests will love this: a butterfly invitation!

Hanna is inviting friends and family to her party. It’s her birthday! She wants everybody: grandma, aunts, cousins and friends from nursery school and school. She helps mum and dad to organise the party. And of course that includes invitations. And these can fly!

Because Hanna doesn’t just want to write down time and date, but also create an attractive card. It has to be pretty and special. And colourful, of course.

Before embellishing the pretty butterfly with the mara stamping pens, she uses the mara craft scissors to cut out the craft template printed out by her mum. The scissors are ideal for children’s hands and the rounded tips makes them a lot less dangerous. That is very reassuring for Hanna’s parents. 😉


  • Print out the template on coloured paper and cut out with the children’s craft scissors.
  • Use the stamping pens to embellish the butterfly. Now write your invitation text on the reverse side or underside. Mum or dad can help with this.
  • Now just glue the wiggle eyes to the lollipops, push them into the corresponding slots and your cute invitation is finished!
  • Tipp: Wenn der ausgeschnittene Schmetterling in der Mitte gefaltet wird, lassen sich die Schlitze zur späteren Befestigung der Lollies besser einschneiden.
    Tip: The slots for attaching the butterflies are easier to cut when the butterfly is folded along the centre.

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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • coloured cardboard
    • wiggle eyes
    • lollipops