A colourful rainbow

Finger paints are ideal for creative children like Hanna!

As a young artist, she needs paint that is not harmful to her health. Finger paints from mara by Marabu can be picked up with fingers and hands and spread on paper, cardboard, glass, wood or film without any worries. Just dip your fingers into the paint pots and get started.

Hanna of course really enjoys the creative process with finger paints and thumb prints, without brushes or sponges! She easily mixes the 8 creamy, pasty paints together and applies them to her canvas. She wants her painting to be colourful. Like a rainbow. Blue, red, yellow and green feature on her creation. And how vivid those colours are! She loves it.

Mum and dad are also very happy about her creativity.


  • Cover the work surface with paper. Have canvas, finger paints and a bowl with water for cleaning your hands ready.
  • Open the desired colour.Now dip your fingers into the pots and start painting on the canvas.
  • The work of art is finished as soon as the creamy, pasty paints have dried.
  • Tipp: Falls einmal etwas Farbe daneben gehen sollte, lässt sich die mara Fingerfarbe aus Textilien ab 30° C gut auswaschen. 😉
    Tip: If something gets spilled, mara finger paints can be washed out of textiles at 30 °C. 😉

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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • paper/cardboard for covering
    • canvas frame, 50x60 cm
    • bowl with water for washing fingers
    • paper towels