A pretty tree house for Hanna

Hanna has discovered this great 3D puzzle for herself: a tree house!

It can be designed with Hanna’s favourite colours, just as she likes. Blue, red, green – all the colours are there. And if a shade is not included in the set, it can simply be mixed. Purple for example: just mix blue and red on a mixing palette. Oops, and before she knows it, Hanna has dipped her sleeve into the paint. Good that mara craft paint is washable from 30 °C! 😉

Finally, Hanna uses Glitter Magic to embellish her tree house with an extra portion of glitter fun. And the work of art is finished! Great, right?


  • DPress the individual parts from the wooden board. Squeeze the craft paint from the containers onto a paper plate. Keep the brush set, kitchen roll and a cup of water ready. Cover the table to protect it from the paint.

  • Paint one side of the individual parts. Then paint the reverse side. Mix the colours and apply a rich, even coat of paint.
  • When everything has dried, the tree house can be assembled according to the instructions. Use mara Glitter Magic to add additional embellishments.
  • Image Gallery - click to zoom!

    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • paper/cardboard for covering
    • water cup
    • kitchen roll
    • opaque white