A magical fairy house

Hanna loves stories and myths. She especially loves tales of good fairies. These creatures do not only possess everlasting beauty and youth, they also always use their magical powers to do good things.

Great that mara by Marabu now offers a tree house for little fairies. The children’s playhouse in the magical forest is the home of Hanna’s fairies. It gives her dolls and figures a great place to play.

The house is available as a 3D puzzle and can be assembled in no time at all. If desired, it can be painted and decorated with craft paint and Glitter Magic. Hanna’s parents love that the toy is FSC-certified. This certification is globally binding. It states that only wood from well-managed forests or environmentally appropriate forest management is used for they toys.


  • Press the 43 individual parts from the wooden board. Keep a kitchen roll and a cup of water ready. Place the mara craft paint on a mixing palette or a paper plate. Mix the colours with a little white to create other colours. Use a brush to apply the paint. Cover the table to protect it from the paint.
  • Apply the water-based craft paint to the fairy house in a rich, even layerPaint both sides of all wooden parts and leave to dry.
  • Now assemble the fairy house according to the instructions. Use mara Glitter Magic to create enchanting glitter effects. And the house for your little fairies is finished!