A paper aeroplane as in invitation

It’s Noah’s birthday. He is another year older. But this time he wants to celebrate together with his new friends from school. As a first grader, he is already a big boy. He can read, write and do maths. So of course he wants to create his own invitations for his birthday party.

And classic invitation cards are just too boring for him. His school friends already know that he likes colourful ideas in rainbow colours. And as he loves jet planes, hydroplanes and helicopters and wants a birthday party themed on the Planes movie, he decides to make paper aeroplanes. These can then fly straight to his friends. That’s a great idea for an invitation, isn’t it?

He uses the pirate style, child-friendly craft scissors to cut out the craft and cutting template made by his mum. Mum does not have to worry about his fingers. The children’s scissors with the rounded tips have a soft touch grip which helps Noah to guide the scissors safely.

Finally Noah colours the aeroplanes with mara stamping pens. Each paper aeroplane gets a different design. So each of his friends can have a really personalised invitation. Noah really likes that!


  • Print out the template and cut out with the craft scissors.
  • Use the stamping pens to embellish the aeroplane. Now write your invitation text on the underside. Mum or dad can help with this.
  • Now just glue the wiggle eyes to the lollipops, glue them into the centre of the paper aeroplanes as a nose and the invitations are ready for take-off.
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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • coloured cardboard
    • wiggle eyes
    • lollipops