A colourful marble run

Fun and excitement – all children need that. Hanna thinks so, too.

That’s why she loves games. You can never be sure with games. Everything is open until the end. Anyone could win – or lose. That is what makes playing games so interesting for her. Especially if mum and dad play with her. That’s always great fun!

This time, Hanna is building a marble run together with her dad. They use environmentally friendly resources, because that is important to Hanna’s parents. The marble run is easy to put together from empty toilet rolls – child’s play for Hanna! Hanna has everything she needs in the house: craft paints, craft scissors and craft glue from mara by Marabu.

To create a new family game with the marble run, she adds large numbers above the openings to indicate the points. The player with the most points after a certain playing time wins.

As with any other game, this requires dexterity, and Hanna has a lot of that. She is just not that good at being patient yet. Some competitions just seem to never end… 😉


  • First cover the table so it stays clean. Place the required craft paints on a mixing palette.These can be mixed as required. Now paint the toilet paper rolls with craft paint. Use the brush to apply a rich, even coat of paint.
  • When the paint has dried, cut the openings for the marbles with the craft scissors. Decorate the toilet rolls with the stamping markers and write the points above the openings.
  • Now glue all toilet rolls together with the craft glue. And the game for little craft enthusiasts is finished!
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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • paper/cardboard for covering
    • mixing palette
    • paper towels
    • water cup
    • empty toilet paper rolls
    • marbles