Hanna’s new glitter bag

Hanna loves anything that glitters and sparkles. Glitter accessories can be found in her room as well as on her clothes. Whether on jeans, shirt or hat – Hanna is particularly fond of the glamour look.

Together with her mum, she is testing the new Glitter Magic from mara by Marabu. The paint is suitable for paper, wood, metal or glass as well as textiles. Hanna can now use it to add a lovely glitter effect to her existing clothes. That makes her really happy, as her new red bag still lacks a bit of bling.

Hanna paints directly from the Liner bottle onto the bag. Heart, flower, sun – Hanna loves these designs. Finally, Hanna adds her own name to the little bag so everybody will know it is hers. 😉


  • Use a pencil to draw your favourite design on the bag.
  • Simply trace the outlines directly from the Liner tube. Make sure to press the tip into the textile. Leave to dry. The paint is dry when the glitter effect appears.
  • Fix the paint on textiles by either placing in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 150 °C or by ironing for 3 minutes through a thin cotton cloth on cotton setting.