mara by Marabu – how to use the homepage for little craft enthusiasts

There is a lot to discover on the website or craft ideas, colouring and cutting templates, fun puzzles and a story book and audio book. New content is added every month.

The cartoon character “Mara” shows you her colourful world of creative design by accompanying you on every (sub)page of the homepage. This shows you that you are (still) on the right website and did not click on the wrong thing.

The “Navigation” at the top helps you to move through the individual areas of the homepage, such as “Painting”, “Crafts”, “Games” or “Reading”. If you want to find out more about the individual products or the company, click on “Products” or “Company”. “Kids for Kids” has craft ideas for you to try. The main window below shows an animated image gallery. It provides inspiration for new craft ideas that you can try together with your family. Then there are more windows with information about various content, e.g. new products, video, audio book, colouring templates or fun puzzles. The footer below the main window provides useful information, for example a contact address if you have any questions.

Just have a good look around. Have fun browsing!

Are you having problems with the new mara homepage? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I start downloads?

Some pages contain so-called downloads. Those are files that you can download to your computer. Just click on the download arrow that appears in the main window when you move your mouse pointer over it or on Download in the grey window on the right. If the download does not start, you might need an additional program: Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can be downloaded free of charge here: Let an adult help you with installing the program.

How do I watch a video?

The mara homepage also contains videos. If you cannot see or play these, you may need an additional program, like for the downloads. In this case: Adobe Flash. It can be downloaded free of charge here: Please let an adult help you with installing the program.

Why should JavaScript be activated in my browser?

JavaScript is a programming language. It allows small programs to be built into websites which are then executed within the browser on the user’s computer. The actual program commands are not dangerous, but unfortunately JavaScript allows other security gaps to be exploited. JavaScript also controls many functions for games, animations and videos on the mara homepage. JavaScript should always be turned on in order for a website to work without problems.
JavaScript can be turned on and off in a browser. Here is how to do it:

  • In Internet Explorer, in the top bar click on “Tools” → “Internet options” → “Security”. Set the security to “medium”.
  • In Firefox, in the top bar click on “Tools” → “Settings” → “Content”. Deactivate JavaScript there.

Which browser should I use?

The mara website works with all current standard browsers:
Microsoft® Internet-Explorer from version 9
Firefox from version 2.0
Opera from version 8.0
Safari from version 2.0

If you have any more questions or if you need help, please send a short email to: