Colourful flowers for mum

Hanna has perfect painting fun with the vivid mara finger paints!

As many other children, Hanna also likes finger paints because they require no instructions or other materials. She just dips her fingers in the paint pot and gets started. A line here, a dot there and the picture is finished.

The finger paints only come in 8 different colours, so Hanna learns the colours and what happens to her painting when she mixes the colours together.

Applied to her whole hand, the finger paints can be used to make handprints of Hanna. Add date and name and you have a great present for grandma and grandpa!


  • Cover the work surface with paper. Have canvas, finger paints and a bowl with water for cleaning your hands ready.
  • Open the desired colour. Now dip your fingers into the pots and start painting on the canvas.
  • The work of art is finished as soon as the creamy, pasty paints have dried.
  • Tipp: mara Fingerfarbe lässt sich aus Textilien, falls einmal ein Klecks daneben geht, ab 30° C gut auswaschen.
    Advice: mara finger paints can easily be washed out of textiles at 30 °C.

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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • cardboard for covering
    • canvas frame, 20x20 cm
    • bowl with water for washing fingers
    • paper towels