A nippy little glitter car for dad

Hanna’s dad is a great racing fan. He loves fast cars. So naturally he is interested in Formula 1.

And because Hanna loves treating her dad she is making a lovely pencil case for him. With a racing car that glitters and sparkles, to provide the required effect. Anything but boring! Hanna cannot stand boring things.

Of course she asks her mum for help. Hanna’s mum has outlined the racing car on the case for her. Now Hanna only has to trace the pencil lines with mara Glitter Magic. Hanna applies the paint directly from the Liner.

On the reverse side, Hanna gets creative and just starts painting. She even writes her own name onto the red case – to make sure that dad always thinks of her! 😉


  • Use a pencil to draw your favourite design on the bag.
  • Simply trace the outlines directly from the Liner tube. Make sure to press the tip into the textile. Leave to dry. The paint is dry when the glitter effect appears.
  • Fix the paint on textiles by either placing in the oven for 8-10 minutes at 150 °C or by ironing for 3 minutes through a thin cotton cloth on cotton setting.
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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • paper/cardboard for covering
    • pencil