Bring the mountains into your home

Nick loves the mountains. Particularly the Zillertal region was one of his favourites during his last visit. He finds nature simply overwhelming there.

So he decided to put his beautiful memories on canvas. mara craft paints are ideal for this. They were developed for small children’s hands. The water-based paints are even suitable for different techniques, e.g. potato printing or stamping. But they are also easy to apply with a brush.

He starts with the mountain range. Then a blot here and there. Finally he applies the snow cover and the glacial water – no problem with the highly opaque paints.

Hmm, but of course there were cows as well, in the alpine pastures. But Nick is finding it hard to draw them. So he uses miniature wooden figures! Nick simply uses the harmless mara craft glue to fix them on the canvas.

If paint or glue don’t quite make it onto the canvas and end up on clothing they can be washed out at 30 °C. 😉

When Nick has completed his canvas, he hangs it over his bed in his room. Now he can look at his creation every night before going to sleep and he is already looking forward to visiting the mountains again!


  • Squeeze the craft paint from the containers onto a paper plate. Keep the brush set, kitchen roll and a cup of water ready. Cover the table to protect it from the paint.
  • Use the brush to apply the paint to a canvas frame in a rich, even layer. Wash out the brush in the water and blot dry on the kitchen paper. Then choose a new colour and design as you prefer. The colours can be mixed together and painted over as needed.
  • Leave to dry – finished. Brushes and hands can simply be cleaned with soap and water.
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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • Keilrahmen in beliebiger Größe
    • Papier/ Karton zum Abdecken
    • Holzfiguren
    • Mischpalette
    • Wasserbecher
    • Küchenrolle