Colourful writing for Nick

Fun, colourful lettering, whether hung on the wall or glued to a door, make great decorations for the rooms of children and adolescents. Nick thinks so, too.

He particularly likes the 3D letterings “Party Zone” or “No Entry”. There is always something going on in his room, you see. Especially when his friends come to visit – then it turns into a kids’ disco. They listen to cool music, laugh and dance. No surprise that grown-ups are not allowed in then. 😉

So the letterings would make great eyecatchers for Nick’s door. Painted with a cool rainbow design, they really stand out and point guests the way to the children’s party.

The letterings were made from two wooden parts in no time at all. Now Nick can create his own colourful designs on them with mara craft paint…


  • Squeeze the mara craft paint from the containers onto a mixing palette. Keep a brush, kitchen roll and a cup of water ready. Cover the table to protect it from the paint.
  • Start on one side of the 3D lettering and design the individual parts with the desired colours. Apply a rich, even layer with the brush. Mix the colours if required. Leave the paint to dry.
  • When everything has dried, embellish the letters with mara Glitter Magic for glittering effects and use adhesive strips to fix into place. That’s it!