Discover the first picture and audio book with Mara!

“Mara at the zoo” as a story book or for reading yourself!


Mara has been dreaming of visiting the zoo for a long time. When her parents finally take her there, Mara is overjoyed and has many lovely and funny encounters with large and small animals.

The lovingly illustrated audio and story book “Mara at the zoo” takes children form the age of 3 away on their first adventure story with Mara – read in child-friendly English.

Click on the image on the left to read the story yourself or to have it read to you. Have fun!

You can browse the pages with the green circles. Click on the yellow circle to display or hide the text for reading yourself. If you want, you can also listen to the story by clicking on the purple circle.

The story book for children is available in digital format and also as a pocket-size printed story book. The book also contains pictures for colouring and simple picture puzzles.
More information can be found here: mara adventure colouring fun bag!

The best thing about the story with Mara? Sharing it with others. Do you want to tell your friends about Mara’s adventure at the zoo? Then just send them the link: by email. Let your parents help you.