Niklas makes a windwheel

Niklas already goes to school. He is one of the “big ones”. Of course he already knows how to handle knives, scissors and other “dangerous” objects! 😉

He especially enjoys craft projects for special occasions. Paints, scissors, glue – there is nothing Niklas hasn’t worked with. Always under supervision, of course!

This time he wants to make a present for his little sister. It’s her birthday in a few days and he wants to surprise her.

Together with his mum, Niklas is building a windwheel for her. His sister loves watching them spin when the wind blows outside!

He uses coloured card to make paper squares according to the craft template which he got from his mum. Niklas uses the child-friendly craft scissors with rounded tips to cut out the squares. The size of the paper squares depends on how big the windwheel is supposed to be. Niklas wants a large windwheel (21 cm side length).

He folds, cuts, paints and works without needing much help from mum. Niklas is talented. A real craft hero. His little sister thinks so, too, as she holds the pretty windwheel in her hands later on.

She is happy about her present, which is now in a flower box in front of her window, and wants to make something for him, too. We will see what she comes up with…


  • Cut coloured card according to the template. Fold the square diagonally across the centre. Open the triangle up again and now fold along the other diagonal to create a triangle. Open up again. Now measure approximately a third from the corner to the centre of each diagonal and mark. Do this for all four corners/diagonals. Use the craft scissors to cut the paper from the corner to the marking in each case.
  • Use the stamping pen to colour and decorate the windwheel.
  • Use the pin to pierce a hole in the end of each section of the windwheel. Bend the right corner of each section to the centre and finish by pushing the pin into a wine cork. Paint the cork with craft paint if desired. The wine cork is the holder for the windwheel and can be mounted on a thin stick.
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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • squares cut from coloured card
    • pin
    • cork