mara Window Color 053, 80 ml

Colourful painting fun with mara Window Color

The brilliant, transparent and vivid mara Window Color paint creates great designs on smooth surfaces such as windows, glass, mirrors, porcelain or tiles. Vivid colours, beautiful design templates and various techniques set no limits for children’s imagination.

Simply apply the product straight from the bottle. The colours appear milky at first but become transparent and shiny after drying. Guaranteed eyecatchers. The transparent clings are removable and can be repositioned at any time.

mara Window Color is a removable, water-based window paint and ideal for children from 3 years. It complies with the European safety standard EN 71.

Just get started: paint, peel off, done!


  • 3 years and up
  • water-based
  • easy to remove
  • for glass, mirrors, tiles and film
  • easy application: paint, peel off, done!
1. Draw the outlines: place the chosen pattern under clear film (PP or PE) and trace the image with outliner straight from the bottle, leave to dry for 1 - 2 hours. Ensure there are no gaps in the outlines.
2. Paint: fill in the outlines right up to the edge. Leave to dry for 24 hours. The colours look milky at first, but dry clear. Immediately wash out spills on fabric using soap and lukewarm water.
3. Peel off: carefully peel off the picture from the film and stick to the chosen surface. The Window Color image can be removed and reapplied somewhere else. Before removing images that have been in place a while, moisten or warm with a hairdryer, so that they become flexible again.




Combining Window Color and special effects liners Glitter, Metallic, 3D

The Glitter or Metallic Liners are ideal for embellishing dried Window Color clings – simply leave to dry! Or use the 3D Liner for coloured outlines – do not puff up as this might cause the Window Color film to tear.