Puzzle fun

Mara loves games and crafts. Preferably both at the same time. Mara offers fun puzzles for collecting on this page. Just download for free, print out and play. To download the puzzles in PDF format, simply click on the blue circle with the arrow. Start puzzling! Mara will help you.

Spot the difference!

Help Mara find the differences. Spot the 10 differences in the bottom picture and circle them with bright colours. Have fun searching!

Which is the right way?

Find the way to Mara's favourite pen.

Find your way out of the labyrinth!

Help Mara to find the way back into her tree house. Use a pencil to trace the path.

A puzzle for you!

Cut out all puzzle pieces and put together the Mara character. Glue the puzzle pieces to the template with mara craft glue.

Colour by numbers!

Connect the numbers 1 to 49 and help Mara colour the picture.

Help the giraffes!

What ever happened to the giraffes? Find the right head for each body.

Can you spot the differences?

Do you know Mara? Here she is in a soapbox car. The two pictures are slightly different. Spot the 10 differences and circle them with bright colours.

Find the shoe!

Mara has lost one of her favourite wellies. Find the single boot. Help Mara find it and circle it with a bright colour.

Sort the rockets!

Which shadow belongs to which rocket? Connect them with lines. Have fun!

Design your own puzzle!

Draw your best picture and turn it into your own puzzle. Have fun!