Birdsong in Hanna’s room

Hanna has an owl! The feathered nocturnal bird is the most trendy animal design of recent months. They are everywhere: as cushions, jewellery, stuffed animals, bags etc. The list of decorative objects is long.

With its large eyes, it has conquered Hanna’s heart as well. So she wants a cute owl. And because owls are so pretty she wants an owl to decorate her window.

And she needs suitable colours for her own owl design. No problem with mara Window Color! The water-based window paints are transparent on smooth surfaces such as glass, mirrors, tiles or film and they are ideal for small hands from 3 years.

And when Hanna tired of her owl and wants a different design she can simply remove the window cling again. 😉


  • Use a pencil to draw the desired template on paper. Place a clear film over the template. Use Window Color to trace the outlines with contour black and leave to dry for approx. 2 hours.
  • After drying paint the owl with the desired colours. Ensure to spread the colours right up to the outlines.
  • Leave the finished design to dry for approx. 24 hours until the colours are transparent. Peel the owls from the film and adhere to the window.
  • Tipp: Mit einem Holzspieß/ Zahnstocher lassen sich tolle Farbmuster erstellen. Zum Beispiel werden aus Streifen dann Wellen und aus Punkten nun Herzen.
    Tip: Use a wooden skewer/toothpick to create great colour patterns. For example, you can turn stripes into waves and dots into hearts.

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    Products used:

    Additional Materials

    • template as desired
    • transparent film
    • wooden skewer